How many girls do you date at a time?

Guys who sit around hoping one girl might date you someday - this question IS NOT for you.

Guys who understand women at least enough to always have options - I'm asking you about ethics.

Let's say you've been talking to a few girls. You arrange first dates with some of them. Some go well, some don't. Let's say 3 first dates went well. Now what? Is it OK to arrange second, third, fourth dates with several women?

Obviously, if I get into a serious, monogamous relationship with any of them, I'll stop dating the others. I won't get into a serious relationship with a girl until we've been going out for at least a few months though... it's just the smart thing to do.

So there's my dilemma. What do you think, bros?

  • I date ONE girl at a time, and don't explore other options... even when we've only dated a short while
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  • I'll date 2-3 girls at a time, but stop when one of them turns into a relationship
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  • There's nothing wrong with having other options in case your first few dates go badly. it's just dating until a relationship gets serious.
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  • I'll get into serious relationships with more than one girl at a time.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • 3 at a time. When one girl doesn't make the cut, I'll go out and pick up another to replace her.

    If any of the girls ask me, I'll tell them upfront that I'm dating a few.

    • gotta be between you and Sam up there for best answer. quick ? for you thought - how do the feel when you're upfront/honest with them about dating other people? I'm sure some freak out, and those girls would probably freak out over something else down the road and get dumped anyway. Do many quality women say they're cool with it and just be casual for the time being?

    • Most are fine with it. If a girl freaks out about me dating other girls, she loses favor. I like to play the field, and no one is going to change my mind about it. I'll go exclusive with a girl if things keep going well and it feels right. And the others I was dating will go to my friend zone.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I think the average guy is dating 2-5 girls at once at any given time

    • That seems statistically unlikely.

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    • that now makes me feel like never dating again *wrinkles nose*

    • haha OK, don't. use your energy for something more productive

  • that's bad. :/ really bad. don't you usually go out with someone because you like them? or just fear of being lonely? my romantic world views just got trashed

    • too much idealism not enough realism

    • i'll buy myself a hut in the swiss alps and never come out again

  • i said b, only because it always seems like once one guy is interested in me, others seem to be too. I'm either hopelessly single or I feel like I have too many choices. so I usually do talk and hang out with a couple of guys until things go further with one of them


What Guys Said 9

  • Hey!

    Well it all depends on your free time and/or how serious it is with the girls. Personnally I don't want to be in a serious relationship sooner or later so I keep at least 3-4 girls hooked, but you need to know something, you must treat them good even if you know you have a lot, you don't want the word on the streets to be that you are an a**hole or some kind of player, keep it classy!

    Dont call them at 4 am when you're drunk and just want to sleep with them (we all done it lol!) Keep the contact running even if its random text them sometimes to know what there up to (you can send them all the same sms lol (we all done it too!).

    Dont ever talk about other girl in front of other girls and never say to girls the number you are dating, again don't let your reputation be ruind, they got to see you as a gentleman, as if you respect them (which sometimes is not true lol but they don't have to know)

    Keep them near so they won't go away and if you like one of them and want to be in a relationship, tell the other girls you need space blablabla and keep contact even if you are in a relationship you never know when you will need them haha!

    Well I hope this answered your question, have fun and remember that flirting is a game, you gotta play it right bro!

    Sam E.

    • bravo. excellent answer.

      how do you feel about just being honest with every girl early on. after it gets even a little serious (moved beyond just hanging out), to come right out and say that she HAS TO be able to keep it casual and see where it goes. if she doesn't then it can't continue. tell her that. what do you think?

    • Yes I understand your question but life is not that easy lol you can't just tell her that or she will be feeling used. Most girls who want more casual relationships will act like it and do t bother about the status of the relationshiP she won't even talk to you about it! But one day most girls develop strong feelings if you keep seducing her over time, that means you will have to face the infamous TALK that we all want to avoid! Bu do t worry, go with the flow and don't bring that stuff up!

    • wow, nice. exactly what I do.

  • I don't see a, *I don't date women because I don't talk to them vote*

  • 3. a man has to work and sleep sometime.

  • I don't even know what to think of the guys who date more than one girl at a time. That is just wrong.

    • You're entitled to your opinion, but this is exactly why I began my question the way I did. Guys who simply don't get it are usually against it.

      Also - I think that some people here define 'dating' and 'relationship' differently. Check the update I'm about to post.

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    • Ok, so let me ask you this: if you go out with a girl twice, and you have fun and want to see each other again, do you consider yourself to be committed to her RIGHT THEN? And that neither of you should even go out with anyone else now? That's what it sounds like you're saying, and that is NOT how most girls think/act. Look at the poll, HALF the girls chose Option C, and most of those who picked Option A are probably lying (at least from my and all of my friends' experience).

    • Well yeah you re in a relationship so you should be committed. So yeah you should not date anyone else then

  • I'll date one human at a time, whether it's a girl or a guy.

  • why isn't there a "I don't go on any dates" option? lol, jk

  • only one because I know she's the one!

  • I don't sit and hope that ONE girl MIGHT date me SOMEDAY .

    I just don't have the time and money to spend on girls at the moment , so I don't ask anyone and I ignore LOTS of girls who ask me on a date .

    And when I do decide to date , I would date one at a time . Don't spead your legs too much else you might go nowhere .

    And that one girl needs to be special and loving :P

    No time and money for multiple girls :P

    • understandable - BUT - there is NO WAY a girl can be loving or very special to you until you've spent some time with her. nobody treats you like the love of their life after one or two dates.

      also... I understand the time problem but money just isn't one. do free stuff, just sit around and talk with friends, watch movies at home. if she likes you enough she won't mind not going out much.

  • real men have multiple girlfriends/bitches. p*ssy worshippers commit to one

    • I wouldn't say it like that but you're right. if you know what's up and get out of the house it's almost impossible not to meet someone and start talking to them every few days/weeks/months. who knows, she can be your future wife, or her, or her, or her, or her...

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