Neck kissing=bad side?

When I was with my "advanced stage crush" he kissed my neck. At the time, he had alcohol in his system. Later when we were talking about it, I mentioned it and he said, "you didn't like that, did you?" I'm very shy about physical affection, etc. so it was a fair assumption, but I told him that I had liked it. He said something along the lines of, "woah, (my name), you have a worse side than I thought." Worse as in less innocent, I'm guessing. He always thinks of me as super innocent (I am), but how does neck kissing correspond? Help?


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  • Usually with dirty minds neck kissing is seen as like naughty because it can lead to biting and so on. I like the same to give and receive neck kissing and I think it is also dirty because its something that you can't really do in public. A lot of people today see it as a non innocent thing to do because its known for hickeys and just the thought of it seems dirty when you take time to picture it. I've had the same situation and I think it was just hard for him to see you in a new light because maybe with him neck kissing was a very sexual thing to do that he wouldn't commonly see from an innocent person. It also depends on how innocent he thinks of you