What happens on a date?

Lol yh , I haven't dated someone yet , so I am curious about it .

What do you do ? And what do you wear ? Where do you go ?

What do you talk about ? What do you ask ? How long it lasts ?

How do you end it ? What do you like about it ?

Mention anything or everything that you wish to tell.


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  • Brotha... it's all about how you feel. There is no rigt or wrong thing... just depends on the type of person she is. You just have to look into who she is and respect that. Try to be a gentleman though, open doors, have confidence, smell good, and just dress casual... Unless you are going somewhere that is very fancy and expensive just be YOURSELF man. Those are the best words of advice that I've learned from my uncles and my expiriences. Where do you go I don't know depends on age. A nice movie would seem good. Also a great way to get to understand what she likes and does. But then again that'd be more f a second date. It'd be awkward being in a dark room starring at a screen with no comunication. Take her on a walk, get to know her a bit and then a date. And maybe a theme park or a fair would be cool. Like getting to hang and talk with each other yet play games and win her something. Try to talk about her but still yourself so that way she doesn't feel awkward. Keep Questions flowing too. QUESTIONS... not closed ended either, keep em open. Don't ask something silly like how old are you, or what's your favorite color? Of course the answer will be X age or blue... But if you do have a back up question... What's your favorite color? Her: Ummmmm, blue... *strange look on face* Then look at her like Hmmmmmm kinda look... "And Why is that?" She'll have to give more than just y o and answer... "Omg O.O I did't see that coming" Her again: Well, ummmmm... wow... ha ha I guess just because it's the color of the ocean" you like the ocean? DO you go to the beach? How often do you go to the beach? What do you love about the ocean so much? Do you like to surf? JUST keep the questions coming you'll be fine once you know her because the you'll know what to expect, what you have in common, and what to do next... And also don't try to talk about yourself too much unless she asks you or something comes up to where you can talk about it without throwing out a comminication stopper... How long it lasts? Til the date ends brotha, just have fun time doesn't matter you'll know when it's over. Be pollite, try to tell jokes (if you're good at them) be natural and yourself. if she likes you then kk if not she's not the one. How you end it? Well just talk about how the night went, summarize, I had a great night... Or not. Depends on things and how they went. And don't go for a kiss unless she wants one... Personally I just know hen the right moment is. It inda comes natural and I get this vide. If you feel its right or feel that she wants one and it went well then give bdy language to be sure. Check your safe grounds. Example: kinda give a silient moment or pauses that leave you and her heart beating, she might be smiling a lot and twisting left to right over and over with her hands together by her legs, look at her lips and back to her eyes quickly periodicly to give a signal and if she catches it she'll give the hint back just so she can make sure... if she gives a a signal then give onebak

    • very cool and nice answer brotha :P

  • Good question. I'm curious to see what people say on this.

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