How to dance at homecoming?

...with my boyfriend? So its my freshman year and I got a boyfriend in the 1st two weeks of school. And this is my 1st boyfriend like this. he asked me to homcoming but this is my 1st Date two. But I don't really know how to dance with him at the dance especially fast songs. I don't want things to get awkward and what are some things to do on slow dances to. HELP homecoming it in less than 5 days


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  • lol, I was EXACTLY like you during my first dance. K, the best thing to understand is that he most likely feels the same way.

    two things to know.

    1) slow dancing (you'll be doing a lot of this), just place your hands on his shoulders and click your heels together while you and he are spinning in circles around the dance floor. Hope that makes sense.

    2) fast dancing, ALL this really is, is just having fun. forget making things awkward, just move with the rhythm, laugh, and show him your having fun. He should understand your vibe and just join in with ya. Its best to dance in the middle of a crowd to make it look like your blending in.

    IF you follow these rules, I swear to god you'll have the best homecoming dance ever.


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  • Just relax and have fun. Don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and you should be fine. On the slow dances, when you're close, he'll probably get a boner and you might feel it poking out at you. Just be cool and make him feel comfortable and he won't get awkward. Enjoy!


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