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So in the beginning of December I was on a retreat for a few days..and there was a girl there I immediately liked. I never talked to her (activities were not co-ed) but I only saw her during meal times. We both took stares at one another quite a bit...I honestly think there was a mutual interest. I added her on Facebook and out of everyone she met from the retreat she seemed more interested in me.

Anyway she is dating someone now (she lives an hour away). I guess I can't be too unhappy...distance is the only problem between me and her.

Next time I see the girl I like I'm going to try to actually start a conversation with her. She might have a boyfriend, might not..so 1) Should I talk to her if I know she does, and 2) If I ask her if she has a boyfriend and she says yes, she'd probably be looking for a response and I'm not sure If I would know what to say. Is it appropriate to ask/give phone number out if she has a boyfriend..probably not but I'll ask anyway...


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  • I say go for it. At this age most relationships are not very serious anyway. If she does have a boyfriend and expects a response play it cool. Act like you are really not crushed. Try something like this, " oh really, that's too bad. So what is he like?" That way you are subtley letting her know that you like her and want a chance while also showing that you are not desperate for a girl. I hope this helps.


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