How to kiss my boyfriend?

First kiss, I'm a freshman. ok so I feel like I'm going to kiss my boyfriend for the 1st time soon.. but the problem is, I've NEVER kissed anyone and I don't really know how. Like the whole makeout thing do you have to use your tounge? and what if he kisses me should I have a open mouth or closed.> HELP!


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  • For your first kiss you should probably stick to a somewhat-brief peck on the lips. Your lips should be relaxed - open just a little bit. This site has some good advice + step-by-step instructions: link

    There's also a bit on French kissing: link

    Making out usually involves tongue (I say usually because people sometimes have different definitions) but I wouldn't worry about that for now. Get used to simple kisses and you'll reach that bridge in time. If you still do want more info, there's a rather humorous-yet-helpful guide here: link


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