I don't want us to hook up every time we chill. How do I go about this?

back when I began college I met this guy. h would text me all the time wanting to hang out, but at the time I was hanging out a lot with another guy, so I never really chilled with him. finally, I did, and we watched a movie and that was all. then one day I was drunk, and I went to his room and we hooked up, (not sex or head but I gave him a hand job) before that though, he had stopped texting me wanting to chill all the time because I was kinda ignoring it. but, now he'll text me randomly and be like what's up, and stuff. and today we finally chilled. we chilled in his room for a bit, then chilled with his friends, and then we went back to his room. we ended up hooking up. I gave him a hand job, and we kissed, but I wouldn't let him do anything to me, one because it's that type of month. and after, I wanted to leave because I was going to chill with my friend, and he was like, "do you have to leave, you should just chill with us." and said like, "okay, do you wanna chill again?" and I said, "yeah, if you want." and he said maybe we could get something to eat or something. I don't just wanna like hook up with this kid. do you feel like this is what he wants? like just to hook-up? I mean because I've made it easy for him... I won't have sex or give him head, but ill do what I've done to hi, and he doesn't even have to do anything back.. what do you think is going on with this situation, and how should I handle it? I don't want us to hook up every time we chill, and I don;'t know what to say to him regarding that..


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  • honestly speaking stop being a bitch

    if you want to have sex then go hang out with him and if you don't then tell that guy to stop chasing you

    the guy has a crush on you and probably loves you too and you would end up breaking his heart this way

    • i've told him I don't want to have sex. how am I being a bitch? that's what I'm asking, like I don't know if he likes me or not because he always wants to hook up and texts me really late at night ot hang out but then when we finally do hang out he asks if I want to hang out again or do get something to eat. he's deifnitly not in love with me..

    • ok lets say he's not in love with you

      but guys develop feelings for girls who get phsycal with them very easily and you are acting like a hard to get which is forcing him to believe that you are the girl of his dream

      and you are being a bitch because you at first ignored the dude then all of a sudden you walk in give him a hand job and then start ignoring him again

      whats wrong with your head either be friends with benefits or just be friends

    • lol wuuuuuht? I'm not ignoring him again. you understand the situation completely wrong.. woomp

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  • Seriously. That's not what CHILLING is.

    Stop giving him handjobs.

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