Why would you keep a girl a secret from your family?

We went out for awhile, broke up with each other quite regularly, then hit the epitome of all arguments and he broke it off completely and asked to be friends.

A few months down the road we're in fairly regular contact and still see each other, not officially, but minus the drama we had before... Its not much different at all, but its clear that I am now a secret from the family (where I wasn't before).

Why would he try to keep our "friendship" a secret, its not like he has to tell all... I'm just curious what will happen when his family finds out because its inevitable.

Guys what has made you keep a girl a secret from your family or friends? Did you manage to maintain it? How long did you keep the secret? How did your family react when they found out?


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  • its because his family feels that you were the reason for his distress and chaotic state which he went through after leaving you and thus they don't want you in his life

    • Wow, I actually think that was the general consensus of the family... Even tho I had nothing to do it with it at all... So if I sit and stay quiet, when they find out, however many months down the road... this could possibly be a good thing... Thank you

    • YES

      but the odds are 60 to 40

      60 that they would hate you some more

      40 that they would regret there actions in the past

    • True, nothing in this world is 100, ever

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  • he probably doesn't want them to know about her