I still haven't heard from her? Is she waiting so she doesn't look desperate?

A girl that is friends with my buddy's wife saw a pic of me holding their daughter and thought I was cute and told my friends wife she wanted to meet me. My buddy called and told me about it, shortly after the girl requested me on FB. I messaged her and we kept flirting back an forth for a few hours. The next day she messaged me and asked how work was. We talked back and forth again and she was just telling me personal things about her life.

My friend and his wife invited us for dinner so we could meet and to celebrate her birthday, unfortunately my friend and his wife enjoy controlling the conversations and never left us alone to talk. So I was unable to say much because the conversations that my friend and his wife were having involved things and people I didn't know about.

The next day I waited so I wouldn't look desperate to message her to tell her happy birthday and that it was nice to meet her. She got back within an hour and said thanks and that it was nice meeting me etc.. I then sent her a message back advising that could talk but that my friend and his wife didn't leave me any openings and that I would like to take her out to dinner soon so we could actually talk.

That was Friday afternoon and I still haven't heard from her? Is she just waiting so she doesn't look desperate? From her wall I saw that she is active on FB and she hasn't posted anything since Friday.

Any thoughts?


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  • She could possibly be thinking it over. Or building up unnecessary suspense before a big "Yes, I would love to!" Or attempting to appear mysterious or too busy. Or she's playing you. Or maybe the text just didn't get through. You can double check by saying "By the way, are you allergic to any seafood? Cause I was thinking of having some Japanese..." or something like that. And if she still doesn't respond, you can try "Crap, I'll have to postpone our dinner plans...I'm working overtime these few days/weeks. Sorry!" And if she's STILL leaving you out in the cold, forget about her and get a new damn heater. Good luck!


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