Too young to get in an actual relationship?

Hey all;)

There is this guy who goes to the same uni, same class too and he is only one year older than me. I'm 21, he is 22. He have told me how much he has always liked me so. Now he wants to take me out. I like him too and even tho I Haven't went out with him yet, we have talked a little and he says that he is interested in a serious relationship. So am I but when I say a serious relationship, I really mean it, I'm the type of girl who wants to get married and not joke around. I feel ready for t but is he too young?(Of course we're not gonna get married before we're done with our studies, meaning in 2 or so years(if we get that far)) I have heard that you shouldn't marry a young guy Because most guys want to live the wild life f***ing around before they settle down. Is that really the case with (almost)every guy?


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  • You are looking WAY too far ahead. Date him casually for a few weeks and you'll get a pretty decent picture of what he's all about.

    Thinking about marriage before the first date is almost a guarantee it isn't going to work out because you are walking into things with expectations and loose timetables that make no sense.

    • Woah alright okey I will take it easy lol

    • But I still want an answer to my question:$

    • 22 is not too young for a relationship. Regarding marriage, that is on an individual basis. I know men in their 40's who aren't ready for marriage. Yet, my uncle was married at 20, and that was 52 years ago.

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  • It often is. He says he wants a serious relationship...I hope he means it. I'm not trying to scare you but sometimes guys will say they want to be serious to get a girl hooked on them so they can screw her and leave. Sometimes if they throw that out too soon they have hidden intentions. But that doesn't mean he is like that, maybe he is genuine and if he is that means he is one step ahead of the game because many guys at that age do just want to screw around. Go on a date and see how it goes. If he treats you well and all keep it up! Some people get married in their mid 20s or so, not EVERY guy wants to just f*** around. There are exceptions hopefully you found a good one!

    • I hope so too. Thank you darl:)