My boyfriend's kisses?

So my new boyfriend kisses kinda weird in my opinion. He will open his mouth but only briefly like long enough to barely insert tongue and then closes and goes in for another kiss right after and over and over and over. I mean its OK I just don't know how to change it...


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  • I know how you feel. One of my first girl friends was a terrible kisser. She could wind up licking my chin, on a bad one... she was all over the place.

    Anyway, you need to take him and sit him down somewhere you plan to make out later. Somewhere private. And reassure him that you're not planning to break up with him or anything but you need to ask him "Who taught you to kiss?"

    He'll either give a name, and you can say "Well, she clearly was a lousy teacher" That way you're blaming her, not him, and you can tell him you'd like to teach him some things...

    OR, he'll say "No one". In which case you can go "Oh! That explains it!" Then touch his arm gently and say "Oh sweetie, I had no idea no one had tried to teach you how to kiss properly... you poor thing..."

    Again, that's not as blunt as saying "You kiss weird." or "You're just not very good at it."

    Get him to a place where he will accept that he's doing something wrong, and that you can teach him the way you WANT him to kiss... and then it's all about the practice.

    IF he thinks no one is supposed to teach someone else how to kiss... show him that scene from Cruel Intentions where Sarah Michelle Gellar teaches Selma Blair how to kiss.. Show him youtube, where there's thousands of videos, teaching people how to kiss.


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  • try grabbing his head while you are kissing him and pulling him in further, then keeping your mouth open longer forcing him to do as you do, or if you want him to kiss normal, then just kiss him then pull away

  • You should probably tell him that and show him how to do it.


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