Dating more than two people?

I'm in the whole dating scenario. I hate it. I've been dating different guys for like the past year. There's this one guy whom I like very very much. I've been seeing him for about 6 months now. The thing is, he doesn't want to be "tied down". Basically he says its because his life is not on track at the moment. Well now there's this other guy(guy #2, dating for like 2 mo) I really like but when the first guy found out about the 2nd guy he got all mad. Why would he get mad if he doesn't want anything? I care for guy#1 deeply and I've pretty much put off all the other guys just because of him. But now here comes the 2nd guy who is AWESOME. I'm afraid if he finds out about the 1st guy he's not gonna want anything. Guy #2 and I have not spoken about it being just us; as far as I know were still in the whole dating scenario... nothing more.

I guess my questions are 1. Why would guy #1 get so mad about guy #2 when he clearly says he doesn't want more.. .right now.. (even though he says he cares for me.)

2. Is there a way of knowing when a guy really wants more but is to afraid to say it?

3. Do you think I run the risk of losing guy #2 if he finds out about guy#1? Should I tell him guy#2 about him?

These may be stupid questions but I'm a dumbass when it comes to dating...


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  • When you date more than one person at a time the only way to go about it is the way polyamorous people do it all the time, i.e. be honest. Let each one know about the other but try to find ways so that they don't have to face each other. It's really the standard practice in polyamorous societies and it works fine. I know you are not into multiple relationship but following this standard model you would do fine. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • 1 it depends on the status of ur relationship with 1# guy, if you 2 are in relationship and he doesn't want more than I say ur cheating, but if you 2 jsut seeing each other and he doesn't want more, he just a ...whatever you can thnk off lol but I understand what he's coming from, right now I'm pretty much the same as him, I want a gf, its lovely and all but I know that if I'm in relationship I won't be blae to make the future for the future fanmimly that I want

    2 easy way is talk to the guy, be nice and all and he'll tell you the truth, dnt be judgemental is the first rule lol

    3 they both have the right the know about each other, just don't need to know each other. it depends on ur attention, do you want as many guys as you can or you just want to look through as many guys as possible so you can choose?


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