Are younger people more likely to go Dutch/something fair?

I don't know why I didn't already ask this lol because I've wondered this for a while but are younger people more likely to go Dutch or something else that's fair like the one who asks pays or something else (anything other than the unfair "the guy always pays" rule)


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  • splitting is the best way to go in regards to dating.

    • split this large pizza with me? :D

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    • that would be a very strong yes, I despise being forced into doing things.

    • Glad of that ^^ you should get a decent girl some day

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  • I don't think so. I'm not the younger generation anymore and my boyfriend and I still go dutch every time. Unless he really wants to pay, or I really want to pay, then we let them. But over all we split it 50/50. Now, I thin hat there is a point where people's age does dictate what they believe. But I think that everyone 40 or under is willing to go dutch and might prefer it.

    • Not sure about 40 or under... I've heard of plenty of people under that age who don't want to go Dutch... I'd say its 25 or under

      What age are you?

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    • Umm I read that off the Internet...

    • The internet isn't always right. And either way generations are fickle. It's mostly what society thinks it is. The lines aren't defined. However usually wars or major events define the lines of generations. As it stands I think the 2000s and 1900s are so different they can't be grouped together.

      I apologize if I stated it as fact- I meant it as personal opinion. I see them as different generations, as do many, many others from 1990-1995. It's just so different how can they compare or relate.

  • Based on my friends I think not but based on me yes