Guys, when should I expect him to call me after first date?

OK, so had a first date on Saturday. it went really well we went out for a casual dinner ended up chatting and laughing over two hours and the conversation was really easy. we have a lot of similar interests and background. at end of date he walked me to car gave me a hug and quick kiss on cheek but seemed a little awkward but did say I had a good time we should do this again sometime. I said me too. but I know how guys say that just to be I just said to myself not to get upset if he doesn't follow through. within 10 minutes of getting home, he texted me and said how good a time he had and hoped that we could do it again sometime. I thought that was probably a good indication that he wasn't full of crap about that but who knows. I texted him back and said me too and I'd like that as well. so date was Saturday he contacted me right after...but when should I expect a phone call about a second date and when should I assume he's not interested? how long do most guys wait?


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  • It depends, some guys call/text the next day about it. Others wait till the one or two days before the date to ask you out. It could also be that he's not interested in you but you can never be sure. If he doesn't contact you within a week maybe you could call him, see how things are, maybe arrange a second date. If not, you've tried your best and it's his loss :)


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