Should I ask him if he wants to go on a walk?

there is this boy and he goes to an all boys school and I go to an all girls school. we are close family friends but we don't really talk because we are shy. I had a crush on him and he knows a like him. he claims he's not into girls and doesn't want a relationship. so I got his number and we text but he considers me a friend. we have texted for months and he is very sweet and says nice things when we text. but when we see each other in person we kind of ignore each other. lately he has been hanging out with some girls ( he doesn't text them just talks to them in person) I don't care but I really wish we can talk and hang out together one on one. I'm just not brave enough and don't know how to tell him I want to hang out. he might say no or yes. I think he kind of likes me but I'm not so sure. I have mixed feelings for him and want to tell him how I feel.


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  • Honesty is always the best policy...fear of losing someone over sharing feelings is only holding you back. If by being open you lose the one you love, they were really never yours to begin with. True friends can overcome such things - real lovers yearn to hear it. Open up, see where it takes you. Choose your timing as you see fit. If you are scared about coming on too strong, then soften the blow and pick the conversation and say it in a way that isn't threatening.

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