Did we just say goodbye to our friendship?

My best guy friend and I have dated on and off for almost a year. He initiated things with me and he was always the one to call them off. During our off periods we stay friends but it is always hard for me because I end up liking him more, not less.

Today we had a phone call and it was really awkward. We didn't say much and we each kept misinterpreting the other. I got sad/jealous because he was having an online conversation with another friend and was obviously enjoying it a lot more than talking to me. We hung up and then he actually got mad at me for it, saying that I get mad when he talks about other friends and that when things like this happen he thinks we should just stop talking.

I called him back and we talked for a couple of minutes before I had to go to class. I apologized several times and he didn't really say anything. I reiterated that I was just sad/jealous because of his other friend, and then he said that that is the thing, that he has more fun talking to other friends than with me. I started tearing up a bit and he didn't do much. He started rambling about how we are always on and off, on and off but he didn't really make any statement about it. I asked what he wants to do about it then and he was just vague.

I have no clue what to do. Help?


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  • Clearly you're not compatible, for whatever reason, so be glad that he's being distant..that should make it easier for you to move on.

    He's politely saying he ants to break up, so don't make it easy on you both and just stop contactin ghim. I doubt you'll hear from him again to be honest!

    Parece que el no cumplio...


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  • I think I have had the same problem, and to be honest, you just talk through it, you don't want to be pushy towards him, just talk to him, joke with him, don't make it so serious. It'll get easier with time between that kind of friendship! ... That's what I'd say, just to give an idea :)