How often should I be talking & hanging out with my boyfriend on a weekly basis?

How often should I be talking to/texting and hanging out with my boyfriend on a weekly basis? We're both in university, so it's totally understandable that we cannot see each other every day (because of school work and such). I don't want to be clingy/overbearing, but I would at least like to talk to him every two days, however briefly. How often should we be going on dates/hanging out?

Help/opinions would be appreciated :) (from both guys and girls!) Thanks so much!


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  • There isn't a "right" amount of time you should see each other, and it's different for every couple. If you are dating seriously, I don't see any problem with talking to him every day (assuming you both have time), and seeing each other as much as you can between school and work. As long as you don't become miserable when you two are apart for a few days, then you should be fine.


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