Should I go out with him or not?

My crush got drunk the other night when he went clubbing and I asked if he got laid and he doesn't know, he "thinks" he didn't but he is not sure, he says is not the first time this happens to him, I know he is not my boyfriend yet so he is not committed to me and I am not committed to him but he says he loves me and I will soon become his girlfriend, but now I am confused, I don't know if he is lying or he truly doesn't know. So will you go out with a guy that does that? What do you recommend me, he has already told me he was a player in the past, he is the kind of guy that is hot and can get any girl he likes, should I go out with him or not? I don't know what to think now. Thanks

He did get laid, I'm so desolate now, and crying, he just broke my heart into a thousand pieces :'(((


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  • how can he not know if he got laid ..."thinks" he didnt? ...a guy knows, ok... : /

    • you think he's lying then? :/

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    • I see your update...what did I say!? anyway, I hope you feel better and move on :)

    • yh you were right, I just wished you weren't right lol, but oh well better times will come, and hey you stopped being anon I might add you :P, thanks for everything x

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