Wouldn't that make approaching girls pointless?

So what I'm thinking is, girls are attracted to a guy and make their opinions about him before even meeting him. The first thing they notice is looks and behavior. So, this means that girls choose if the guy is their type or not before hand.

Should I just lay back and wait for a girl to approach me. Because I know lots of girls approach guys or make it obvious if they really like him or find him attractive.

Wouldn't that make approaching girls pointless.



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  • Not necessarily. Sometimes a girl might not approach you because she's shy. Or you might hit it off with someone who doesn't necessarily think you are their "type". My boyfriend is the farthest thing from my type, physically, but it was his personality that won me over.

    • but wouldn't you be turned off if he was to randomly approach you?

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    • honestly, someone who is judging only on looks isn't worth getting involved with. If you want a relationship, you want the person to like you for who you are, because one day, all our looks will fade with age

    • Thats the closest to the truth we can get :)

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  • Well I would say depends on the vibe you get from the girl.

    Confidence, whether we know conscientiously or subconsciously is a huge turn on. So I would just gage by your gut feeling whether to approach or the be approached.

  • Not necessarily... sometimes, for girls and guys both, knowing someone is interested in you makes you like them a bit... and other times we don't notice certain people because we are too busy/in our own head so if they pop up and make their presence known we go "Oh where have you been all my life?".

  • Well you should act confident and that would attract a girl to you, but girls still like to be approached first sometimes, they might be shy possibly too. If she's giving you signs like looking over at you and smiling you should definitely go talk to her.


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