Do little things while dating, like texting too much, only come up when there's not a real interest?

Seems like there's so many girls who love to have their guy text them everyday, even throughout the day. So now I'm thinking this, plus other little things when dating, are brought up as an issue only if the other person isn't that interested to begin with.

What do you think?


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  • Yeah I would totally agree. There needs to be equal interest and when one out-weighs the other, it is usually evident.

    • And this is what I'm not finding to be incredibly difficult. thanks for your answer!

    • *what I'm finding

    • No prob! And I have experienced this on both sides, mine and then a guys...Neither side are good!

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  • Pretty much. If you're really into someone, that kind of thing is 'sweet'. If you don't like them as much as they like you, it ends up being annoying. =/

  • I think you are right.

    • Thanks for answering..

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