GUYS: Should I text him again?

I've been talking to a guy I met online dating website. We texted on Sunday for the first time throughout the day and our convo ended with him telling me that his favorite hockey team won after the game, I asked if he was celebrating at the rink and he said he was at work. I said "Okay well have a good night at work :)" and he hasn't responded for a day.

Is this typical? Because we were writing back and forth every day by email for a week before. Should I wait it out to see if he texts me again? Or should I text him something later in the day (Tuesday)?


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  • See I think the problem with texting is you misread things all the time. He may have misread your text. I would text on tues and if still no response on to the next one! Just my advise. Good luck

    • Thanks! Any advice on what I should text him aside from the generic "how was your day?" line I usually go to. :)

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    • Did the "hey you how is your day going? :)" He replied and now we're talking... still at a loss of what to say sometimes. :P

    • Yay! The rest will come to you just be yourself. You guys have to interact more and your convos will flow better. Tell jokes talk about work that kinda of stuff just like you are talking to a close friend. Eeeee I am so happy for you he texted back! I am always available for anymore convo or advise! Good luck girl!