Which guy would you date?

i like a few boys now and I don't know who would be best for me. as of now I'm being friends with all of them but am just curious as to who you would like/guys if u could give me advice on which would make the best boyfriend. (im basically just an all American girl and fit in and am friends with all and all kinda seem to like me, but I don't know none are for sure for sure)

A) the funny, goofy, boy who makes you giggle and feel comfortable with, easy to talk to, carefree, pretty attracted to, but younger and can't drive

B) the hot tall good looking quiet boy, he used to drink but doesn't anymore, lives a little while away (nearby town) thinks your pretty and nice, not very "fun" though besides that you feel romantic chemistry, via physical attraction

C) the rocker bad boy type with the carefree doesn't care attitude, he's super confident which you love, speaks his mind and makes you feel cool and alive when your with him

D) the shyer but not quiet boy who you adore, he's smart, funny, respectful, super hot, and everything besides aggressive, he won't argue and does not seem to take hints you like him

E) the goofy awkward weird boy who tells you your pretty all the time and fun and loves you and would worship you, you don't really like him but he compliments you all the time and you love that, he's not cute but not too ugly either


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  • D, definitely. It is a no brainer for me...That describes my dream guy.

    • haha mine too but he won't ask me out! any tips to get him to? ha ha I'm kinda old fashioned

    • That's funny, because I am too! Well, just get to the point where you are positive that he likes you, and you have tried to make it pretty clear how you feel...if he doesn't ask you out by then, tell him how you feel. You can ease into it by making a conversation about something he said or did that really gave you a big hint, and then ask him if he likes you, or just use that conversation to tell him how you feel.

  • F) the weirdo

  • B or D _

    B: its possible he can still drink, but people can change, and I think he isn't being "fun" because he doesn't wanna ruin his chance, I would give him one :)

    D: Break him out of his shy shell lol uh well, I don't think he would last a very long relationship once he's not shy anymore, but who knows,

    But it's your choice, so choose wisely, you don't want to go breaking any hearts...

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