He asked me out but now it's even more awkward?

This guy recently asked me out. Before this happened, we had great I'm conversations but didn't really speak that much in real life. He asked me out in an I'm (lol) then we had a pretty good conversation on the phone afterward. We haven't decided what we're gonna do for the date, but we've also barely spoken so...

Anyway, it seems like things are even more awkward now than they were before he asked me out. I thought the air might clear once it was made known that we like each other, but nah. We almost never make eye contact- but when we do he either says something or smiles. We went for a walk for about 20 minutes but said very little to each other. I know I'm nervous, you guys think maybe he's just nervous too? I'm not sure if he's lost interest already. Agghh, I don't know what to think, help me!


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  • I am going through the exact same thing right now...exactly the same...Me and this guy discussed how we felt about each other and we thought it would make things less awkward, but it kinda made it worse in a way, and we are working on arranging our first date...I think that it is because we are both shy, (me and the guy I like) and being around someone we like makes us more shy. When we are alone, we talk a little more, but with other people around, like at lunch, not so much. I don't really know why, but I think it is necessary to kind of force the conversation a little...and even though you won't want to, cut back on the instant messaging. That makes a big difference. I did that, and now it makes us have to save what we were going to say for the two times we see each other at school, or for a phone conversation later. It is harder, but it is helping a lot. So try that...cool down or even stop altogether the instand messaging and see if that helps. I cut it out altogether, because I knew that it would be too tempting to only do it a couple of times a day...and I don't think he has lost intrest...he is probably just nervous too. Keep talking to him, and try to get him to open up, and you make yourself open up...i'm sure it will get better, easier, and more comfortable.

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