Need some advice about if I should call this girl?

I've been talking to this girl for a few weeks. We went on a date last Wednesday that I felt went pretty well. I didn't talk to her after that and she texted me Sunday to see how my weekend went. We talked a little and I asked her if she was busy on either this Tues or wed because it was my days off from work. She told me she had school on Tues and work on wed but they were both in the morning. She also said she had to check on Tuesday because she missed a class and might have a lot of homework to make up. that's how we left off. OK its about 10:30 pm on Tuesday and I haven't heard from her. Ladies if I don't hear from her by tomorrow should I call or text her to see what the deal is or should I wait for her to contact me?


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  • The girl contacted you after your first date and told you about her schedule. Man! YOU should make the next move. Call her and ask her out!

    • I did ask her out I asked her if she wanted to go out on either tues or wed. She told me she had to wait till Tues to go to class to see how much work she had to make up from missing last weeks class. Well its now Wednesday and I haven't heard from her. My question was should I call her to see what's up or wait till she calls me? I feel like the way we left off she would let me know but maybe I should call her what do you think?

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    • Update: Well I texted her at 4:30 pm and I know she is not a work and I haven't heard from her. I guess I have to chalk it off as a loss and move on.

    • Wait until she texts back.

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