What is his deal with me and what should I do?

We're both 19. We met at a party, went back to his place, and hooked up. He didn't want me to leave the next morning and was affectionate, cuddling, giving me kisses, wrapping me in his arms, etc. He asked for my number and fb friended me. He texted me first once and when he had to do something and couldn't text, he'd keep his promise and text me back later.

I didn't hear from him for a week until I ran into him on my way to class. I was late and looked like crap so I panicked and pretended I didn't see him, but he definitely saw me. I got a text from him 5 min later: "Way to totally look away when I walked by. You don't want to talk to me?"

I had to play dumb, but I was surprised he cared cause he could've thought I wasn't interested and that would've been the end. He asked me what I was up to, etc. We found out we both took Spanish and when he told me he was lost, I offered to help him and he said, "Yes! please lol"

Few days later, I texted to see if he wanted to study together and he said yes. We met at the library, he pulled up a chair for me, gave me a hug, and during breaks, we'd talk/be really close/touchy. We had a second study date the next day. He ended up coming back to my apt and we hooked up for a second time (aka had sex again). Again, he was affectionate and wasn't rushing to leave. We talked, cuddled in bed, and he played with my hair. Before he left, he held hands, gave me a bear hug, and kissed me goodbye multiple times.

Two days later, we talk in passing. I was running late so when I got to class I texted him if he had any plans that weekend. He didn't text back for a week. I thought he ignored me or didn't see the text. A week later, I text him one last time to ask how his weekend was. He responded and said he went home/chilled at the beach and asked me the same. He took forever to respond though. We somehow got on the topic of hockey since I used to play, and this was the convo:

"Haha I can totally beat you at hockey"

"oh wow someones confident! I don't know I'm pretty fast on skates, you might not be able to keep up ;)"

"That sounds like a challenge..your going down"

"i will gladly take this challenge to the nearest rink. I'm actually curious to see if you can skate haha"

"Haha okay lets go! right now"

"Haha wait really? if you're not kidding, I'm so down"

"Lol not right now but yeah I want to"

"then let's go this weekend! we have to"

"Haha okay"

"Friday or Saturday?"

"Haha okay Saturday sounds good"

"yesss sounds like a plan :)"

Saturday came except none of the rinks were open yet so we couldn't go. I texted him that but said we should still hang out that day.

"Haha I didn't even realize that. I don't think I can hang out today though. I have to do some work then I'm meeting up with a friend from home"

"okk no worries, we'll try another weekend"

"okay sounds good"

We haven't talked in 3 days but I might see him on my way to class or this weekend at our sorority/frat picnic. I'm not sure what to do at this point... help?


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  • another dull post that should have been a "dear diary" entry. I didn't bother reading it all -but here's some advice. don't give it away as soon as you meet a guy floozey.


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  • be creful clearly all this guy wants from you is sex try to get into his thoughts I don't know how ou can do that with this guy but you have to ease through and find a way because ou know what so far things look as though they were going good for you but as I was reading this all I was thinking to myself that this boy is using you girl! he obviously can see that he can easily get you in bed so he continues and now he's not responding? he's not worth it move on that will make him crawl back to you! just don't stress over it

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