I met this guy online, and now we're meeting up in person?

... But I'm unclear on whether or not it's a date...

Here are the few first messages we exchanged...

From: Him

That's a lot of face shots you have there. there is absolutely no way you have a bigger

appetite than me.

From: Me

You have to see it to believe it! Haha...

From: Him

Is that your cute way of asking me to a meal...? ;)

From: Me

I'm not sure... Is that your sneaky way of implying that you want me to? :P

From: Him

Haha. Maybe. Give me two reasons why I would want to meet

up with you, other than to see your seemingly infectious

smile in person...and maybe tell a few incredibly

politically incorrect jokes.

From: Me

1. Because you'd get to see my incredible "happy dance," given, of course, that your

presence makes me happy.

2. Because we all deserve to give into temptation at least once in a while.

The only problem is that you're assuming I want to spend time with you... I'll need two

reasons in return, please. ;)

From: Him

Haha. Happy dance? Now I am intrigued and potentially

tempted (you assumed this also... ;))

So two reasons to hang out with me?

1. I am super serious and never laugh, ever.

2. I will guess your heritage and correct your grammar.

From: Me

1. Good. I hate laughing. Humour disgusts me. I prefer to act generally displeased with

the world.

2. a) I doubt it.

b) You can't correct my grammar if there's nothing to correct. ;)

Hope you're having a great weekend!

- A potential temptation.


Now, a few more messages, text messages and phone calls later, we've decided that on Friday night, we're going for drinks and then going on a "haunted walk" (tour of the haunted places in my city).

I feel like our conversation has been mildly flirtatious, and we did meet on a dating site... But it's still unclear to me what he's looking for, as he's not as blunt as many of the other guys on the site.

From what I know of him so far, I'm REALLY interested in him... But I'm not sure whether he's just looking for a new friend, as he's new to the city.


Thanks for your help :)

Okay, so tomorrow's the big day! We think it's okay for me to be openly flirtatious/go for some hugs and stuff? Or would that scare him away?


Most Helpful Guy

  • hell yeah your convos are flirtatious as hell...

    i would consider it a date, but the only way to be sure its a date is if he pays for everything...then its officially a date

    my advice would be to just go with the flow, I'd recommend showing up with a guy friend...or at least have him kind of int he background and then have you text him that you're ok...even if it is a public place, not to scare you or anything...im just looking out for you, I can only imagine what its like for girls to meet guys...

    another suggestion is what I've done if I meet people online is to have them text you a specific pic...one they cannot fake...for example have him throw up the west side symbol with his hands...or tell him to send you a pic of his cross eyes with his left pinky touching his nose...

    i mean that may be a little much but you get the point...you know what he really looks like and that he is for real...

    anyways back to your question...its most likely gonna be a date, he seems interested in you and you two are clearly flirting...just go with the flow, don't rush anything and do what comes naturally.

    you'll have a blast, haunted house is great because you'll most likely be touchy/feely which is a good way to become "closer" to one another and feel more comfortable...

    sounds fun! be safe and have a good time :)


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  • Interesting, never really listened (read) two people flirt before... something for the bucket list I suppose.

    "other than to see your seemingly infectious smile in person"

    "Haha. Happy dance? Now I am intrigued and potentially tempted (you assumed this also... ;)"

    ...and he's clearly trying to woo you with his sense of humour (not to mention his liberal use of the wink-face emoticon)

    ...and you mentioned that you met on a dating site...

    ...and based on your responses, you two have a similar personality / sense of humour...

    ...and you feel strong interest in him, which means you get a good vibe, and instinct never lies...

    ...and you've shared pictures...

    So, the Zebra Love Analysis indicates that there is a 92% chance that this will be a successful date. The only way he could really be less blunt about his interest in you, is by using the f*** word.

  • @ update...a hug could be appropriate.

    "hey its nice to finally meet you" and then a hug.but it depends on the situation, I mean if he's waiting in his car it would be weird, but if he gets out then sure hug him hello and hug him goodbye...dont be OVERLY flirtatious, but be fun and cute

  • First of all you must think about this: 'you both met on a dating site' :) so it must be a date that you are going on, that's one. People on a dating site are looking for two things: a) a relationship or b) a friendship that can turn into a relationship ... Or simply plane, getting 'layed tonight' ... But if that's not the case, I guess it might do you know harm?

    If he is new, he probably would want to take benefit of it, getting some kind of tour around the city, so that makes a great time to talk, walk and get to know each other better (person to person, just the two of you). But then, if the both of you aren't really 'clear' in what you want or looking for in that or in a particular person on the dating site before you every met him or her than it might become more difficult, because both of you have different thoughts about each other (for example: she flirts, so she must really be in to me, I'm going to take it to the next level if I meet her on this date or he is really kind and charming to me, I like him.. But am I ready for a relationship right now?) See, it all depends, my advice is: "be clear in what you BOTH want.., than continue from here of".

  • How the hell are you single? I think that answers your question

  • What else could I possibly mean? Use those eyes of yours, look in a mirror


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