Should I glad my boyfriend hasn't texted me once today?

Usually he texts me in the morning and then we text until we both fall asleep at night. I'm not used to not talking to him all day. We got in a small fight last night but went to bed not too mad at each other . He hasn't texted me a single time today and I don't know what to think. After I went to bed I woke up with 10 missed calls and two voice mails from him one singing our song and the other telling me how much he loves me. He knows I was sleeping and not ignoring him so why is he not texting me?


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  • He may think you're mad at him. Even if you're not, he probably thinks you are. Text him instead.

    • Thanks(: I'll try that. I just never text guys first and he know that

    • Add a smiley to it also.

    • I was like " hey baby(:" and he never replied but I'm with a friend aha she texted him saying what's up and he replied right away

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  • How about you don't worry about it, it's trivial. Please stop being so self absorbed. You had an argument, you didn't talk for a bit, and now it's okay. And what if he had something that was more important yesterday than sending you a text message ;-)

    Sorry for being so harsh, but don't worry about it. It will be fine. Don't read into it so much.

    • He has nothing netter to do. I'm his life I'm nosing self observed I'm just simply saying he won't text me

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  • He might be waiting for you to text him because he is worried that you might still be mad at him.

    • Well that's what I was thinking but he knows even when I'm mad at him I love to talk to him because he's so hard to not talk to