I haven't heard from him and he has not come over. Don't know what to do.... help?

I've been talking to this guy recently well its been over a month and we talk all the time over the phone and through texts and we hang out and when we do, we hug and kiss and do all the stuff couples do, and he told me he like me and wants to set up a dinner date and etc. but the thing that bothers me is that last night we made plans to hang out today and he was suppose to just come over around three, and he was telling me that he won't have a phone for a day because after he payed the final bill he was gonna switch plans. And so his phone would be off. So than we get off the phone calling each other our baby names and told each other we'd see one another tomorrow. So today I go to class and come back home and try to call him and his phone says "I'm sorry, the number you have have dialed is incorrect, please try your call again." ... and so I tried to send him a message on Facebook, but than remembered that he got on there through his phone. its past three now and I haven't heard from him and he has not come over... what does this mean and what should I do?

also his phone was suppose top shut off Thursday, NOT today


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  • yeah it's over...

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