Planning on hanging out and don't know what to do...

Odd question I know... I'm only asking to see if you guys have better ideas then what I came up with...

So we live in a really small town. Nothing much to do here. The only things that I have come up with are getting something to eat and/or going on a walk or hike. Don't want to drive around, that gets boring after a while...

If anyone has any ideas I'm open to them. Thanks!


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  • How about bowling that is always fun to do.

  • I don't know where in Colorado you live but how bout sking tuning something like that

    • Centralish... Neither of us ski or snowboard.

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    • Haha... Where I'm from we hardly ever get snow, besides last year... (Big snow storm in December didn't see the ground till late March early April)

    • Yea never really got how that works the whole mountains and everything

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