Some rules don't work sometimes for girls?

I read online that the best way to meet guys on college is to join a social organization or something. Well I did join one I liked but we only meet every other week. Its fun but there is only one hit who is my type in the group and what are the chances of him bring taken? Also,i see more guys who I'm attracted to outside of class. I have been rejected a lot but oddly enough through text message instead of on person :( well I wonder why this rule is not working for me


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  • sounds like you're not actively trying to socialize with these guys. you should try that.

    • But how do I do it without taking to random guys?

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    • Well keep at it. When you see them, stop them and talk to them.

    • Yea, I hope I don't want to look like a stalker

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  • That's a tough one...! Since you are in college, it may be as simple as going to one of the school games or a local party. If you choose the party route, try to find someone that isn't wasted, since personalities change after people sober up! Now as for being rejected via text, you don't even need to consider a guy that couldn't tell you himself. Every one knows that flaking in a text is ages easier than dealing with it straight up, since it's so impersonal...

    • Going to a game by myself?

    • If you are confident, yes! If you don't want to be alone, take a girlfriend or two, and kick back!

  • Even if he's taken..he may not be happy..and if he is...what about his friends?

    • Ive done the mutual friens thing it makes a girl look desperate asking " you got any single friends?"

    • It's how you say it..not what's actually being said. Besides, I don't really see women as desp. if they go for what they want. I see it as they know what they want (rare)

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