How do I get a guy to give me his number?

Why is it that a guy will say he doesn't like me even after they give me their number? Why not just say no? It will be just a 2 weeks after and they will text me saying they have a girlfriend or they don't like me


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  • Just because he doesn't like you doesn't mean he doesn't want to be "just friends" with you. If girls can be "just friends" with a guy, why can't a guy be "just friends" with a girl..also just because he's with someone doesn't mean he's never know.

    • Ok so your telling me that if I randomly approach a guy and get his number you think that he would think that I just want to be friends? Seriously.

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    • I mean a really short time, and wonder if he is a guy that's not in one of my social organizations? Just a regular student I have seen at my college who caught my eye?

    • I can't join more than one organization, because I plan on getting a job too, so I'm limited to one social organization which is the one that I am in now

  • A guy can give out his number because he wants to be friend, not necessary a couple.

    Could be out of politeness.

    He could be interested at first, then lost interest after 2 weeks.

    He found a better target within that 2 weeks.


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