Two girls I like in class, but which one likes me more?

there are two girls I like in class, but which one you think likes me more?

- the first girl I've known for a bit but never hung out with, she sits next to me in class, we walk out of class together sometimes. she has given me a ride home a few times (which my house is at the other end of town).

she has even given me a ride to a required field trip that was 40 min away.

one note to mention is that when I asked her to come inside for hang out for a bit when she drops me off, she always declines

- second girl, I don't know very much...i have walked with her outside of class twice with mostly small talk, and I haven't gotten her number yet. first time we walked she had a nice smile on her face with eye contact. second time we walked outside of class she mentioned something about the first time we walked...recently in class the teacher gave out some handouts, and I picked up too many by mistake, so I gave her one when she walked into class and told me 'thank you'. when class was ending, I was standing up talking to the first girl in the back of the class when I saw her walk out, and I threw a glance at her. I really wanted to walk with her, and I even saw her standing outside of class for a second reading something on a wall. the first girl and I walked out of class and offered me a ride home.

the second girl I noticed was following SO CLOSE to us while we were walking (she has done this before).

we decided to walk through the hallway inside that was next to the sidewalk outside where the second girl was walking.

when we exited the door to go outside, I noticed the second girl threw a look towards the door window.

what do you think? which one you think likes me more?

i saw the second girl on the bus alone and my shy scary self didn't get sit next to her to say anything. she didn't notice me, so it kinda affected my decision in going there, but I'm kickin myself for not trying...the end of the semester is here and I gotta make a move


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  • the second one-DEFFINATELY! and you seem to like her too, with really wanting to walk with her.i can't see you but I can SPARKS fly between you two. why do I say this? 1. she's followed you closly before 2. she looked at you when you walked away looked at her looking at you GO FOR IT DUDE!

    • cool, I definitely will, I'm just having a little trouble getting the first girl out of the way for I can talk to her again. I hope I'm not making that girl feel jealous or like she has competition or that a good or bad thing? thanks!

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