Why say something and not explain?

ok so this very good-looking guy and I have been texting back and forth and wants to hook up..i said no cause as him being attractive he can get any woman he wants and I told him that and his response was ...that has nothing do do with it I have a certain craving...i asked what he meant by it and got nothing...men what do you think it means?


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  • It means pretty sure it means... He wants you to believe that allthough he can get any girl (isnt very true probably) that he's choosing you and you should think higher of him for his decision. By him not responding just makes me think he plays a lot girls, the fact alone that he said" it has nothing to do with it" is straight b.s., it has a lot to do with it just by being a question you had and he's supposed to be wanting to be with you.


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  • I know I'm not a guy, but maybe he can get different girls, but perhaps you are what he wants to try rather than any of the other ones that are trying to get to him.

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