First date problem, advice?


I am in big problems... I'm going on a first date with a girl I met over the chat. The problem is it will very likely be raining and cold as hell (around 5°C) 'cause we are in inland of Croatia. And moreover... We'll meet at one town with barely over 15.000 population. And it's getting really complicated. They said that it will be warm and sunny. Now totally contrary.

1. She is shy.

2. I want by any mean possible to avoid bars, pubs, etc. It's just not romantic! (and I am anti-alcohol, as she is I guess)

3. I am going to see her in her town. And I never was there, just passed by with family on summer vacations. So I have no clue where to go.

4. I can't read her signs while standing but she won't send them while being in some noisy, crowded pub full of smoke.

5. It is pretty far from my city (30km), and there is no big restaurants or anything (cinema, shopping center...)

6. I do not drive. So no driving in car scenario.

7. It's too damn cold to be long outside.

8. It's mine third girl in life, and I'm her third boyfriend in her life.

9. I have been in "relationship" for only one day. She has been for month, or two. So nothing this real.

10. I am not shy. But I've never been on first date in such coldness and rain so far from my home. Bus to city 30 km, train to her town 30 km.

So what can I do? I really had a good plans for nice weather, even if it was cold. But now, rain and cold. Almost snow. I just do not have idea :( Help me!

For a first date I want to talk little, ask her a little, and just be besides her. And you can't do it in closed spaces, you know? What is the solution to make her the first date to remember despite cold and depressive weather? How to read her signals (which are my only way to know her emotions when she is shy) and where to go? It's not a London or New York or Tokyo! It's practically a "settlement". Ohhh... I have not planned this stupid weather :(

So please advise (we have agreed to meet at Saturday, just to mention that, so it is just day and few hours away),

thank to all of you. It's just lame I had to create account for this one q.

And it's Croatia, so have it in mind, please. It's far, far, far, far, different from USA, England, Germany...Continue the row...
I thought of cinema. But it's than forcing her to pay for train. And would not accept on first date. Second yes, it's a plan. But first... In my town, it has two or three ca'fe and zero restaurants. I doubt that even in smaller town would be better situation. She's not a clubber, dancer... I planned walking and finding a park and bench. But, it failed. Weather to blame. We can go Russian style and freeze on rain. Wouldn't mind myself as I love her. But getting cold on first date. Bad idea.
It‘s 41°F, and it‘s not even a winter yet. Than it drops to -8°C, 33°F. I do not know why it can‘t be stable more. From 76°F in August. To 33°F in January. If I had a mine flat, which I will in 5 years time. Would be waaay to dangerous to her. And suggestive. And contrary situaton never happens in Cro. It is a slower pace her“e. Sadly but I‘m used to it. Wouldn‘t change it. I did wrote her a “book “ over MSN to relax sit. But know little of her. Except hr sincere love. It‘s late here. 01:42


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  • why don't you google the town for some ideas?

    • Yes... Technology does wonders :) I have a whole zoom panorama from 50 meters high. But as I said, never went out of the car there. Just observed it while listening to music.

    • Thank you all friends :) Very kind to know it :) Every info you gave me is invaluable in some way. I have chosen yours MrsJones7 as best since you gave me the idea and now I can literally "walk the town" from net. Great stuff! I am relying always on technology. Would die without gadgets. Mobile phone, notebook, GPS... etc. Thank you all, I appreciate it.

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  • bring a bunch of blankets and umbrellas or a tent or something! or find some sort of outdoor shelter and just cuddle in the blankets...

    • Sweet idea :) But I'd need a car or something... Or full travel gear for 5 hours :D

    • Wish I could be of use here on site. But I'm not that personality. I am just eager to hear what will be my bro's experiences from USA. Do not kill them for God's sake. I don't know where he will go. But it will be long, dangerous, interesting 3 months... Fun :)

  • try , taking her to her favorite resturant or ca`fe , just having a nice conversation with a girl and not going to bar will be good and then go to your hose or hers and watch a movie or go to the movie theater don't stress it will be bad !

    • Thank you cutie2000. Ammm... Would be great solution. But, Croatia... Damn xD I'm venturing into unknown. Well, it isn't looooong way in your standards. But we have slow transportation system. Amm... We are living with a parents. In houses. She's 18, I'm 22. And we are to shy to introduce our great family immediately. My bro, mother, father, grandmother and I live in same house. But it's big in our standards. And I guess she too. Lives with sister. Character limit, I'll continue in update. Up /\

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    • You helped me more than you think. If not in rainy situation in Cro. Certainly for a future :) Tnx

    • sure anytime :P

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  • If you want to avoid a bar, a cafe is the next most obvious choice.

    • Will keep it in mind :) Thanks

    • Remember that whether its a good date or not is based not on what you do, but rather how long you get along.

      Sitting drinking coffee with someone new you find attractive and are getting along with is fantastic. The best location in the world is painful if you don't get along. What matters is that you two are together, and to see how things go.

    • I absolutely agree with you. Well said. It is really correct when I think about it. Thank you sir :)

  • if it's starts raining put your coat around her or something show her you care more about her well being than your own then take her someplace dry like a cafe buy her a drink and just talk

    • Thanks jcpv16. It's a great idea. But I'm planning to sit somewhere with her. In private as much as possible. It's for her comfort. As first dates are always meant to be... Well... private, how to say. Away from crowds. And when it rains and is cold, every cafe is more or less crowded. And sitting diagonally isn't nice at all. It's business & friends type of talking.