Should I break up with boyfriend?

When we started going out, he would opt for cheap venues and gifts. I didn't mind, I knew we hadn't been together for long so I didn't want to put pressure on him. As the days went by, he started to take me to more and more expensive venues and buy more expensive gifts. He also got a part time job to get those things. Recently though, he's been reluctant to spend money on me, and I've noticed he's been buying less expensive gifts and when we go on dates he always seems to look at the prices of things for longer. Should I dump him and find another guy? or do you think this is just temporary?


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  • Maybe he is starting to realize you're just another gold digging attention whore. Aren't you more stingy than him? What have you done or bought for him? Did you get another job for him? Damn you seem stingy!

    If you aren't an internet troll account and are serious I apologize for my answer and I advise you to get a job if you don't have one and try supporting yourself with as little help from your parents or anybody else as possible so you learn the real value of money.


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  • *sighs* guys don't have infinite money. if the material objects mean so much to you- dump him and move on to the next guy.

  • She take my money, when I'm in need yea she's a trifflin friend indeed oh YOU gold digger from way over town that diggs on him...quit looking at how much money he spends on you and see if you too are compatible and base your decision on that

    • He doesn't seem to know the proper way to treat a girl. I could just move onto some other guy.

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    • Actually, the problem is, he recently figured out the proper way to treat a girl.

    • hmmmmmm I seee

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  • Why can't you pay for your own things?

    It would be a problem if you were paying for things and he wasnt, but since you expect him to pay for everything then I don't blame him for being stingy.

  • Dump him so that he doesn't have to waste all his money on you anymore.

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