Kiss him like the notebook

There's this guy matt that I really like & I mean REALLY and he likes me too. Because of the winter break I haven't seen him in like 3 weeks because he's on a trip to nyc. So when I see him I was planning on jumping on top of him and kissing him kinda like in the notebook. but the thing is that he asked me to be his girlfriend and I had to say no because my mom has cancer and I just really can't have a boyfriend right now no matter how bad I want to be with him.

Would this be a bad idea since were not even together? Or should I just give him a kiss on the cheek and a hug?


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  • You do what you want. I think the issue is not the kissing. I think it's making it clear that you feel that now wasn't the best time with what you're going through. You could kiss him like that, just to let him know how much you miss him and also that you would like to be with him after some of this has passed, just letting him know you are waiting for him. I think you just have to stress that point a small bit, I'm sure he knows full well after you told him. I think kissing him like that might contradict what you said about now isn't the time. I don't think it would hurt things though, just let him know that you're REALLY into him (lol) , but that now isn't the time, but that you'll be there for him after some of this passes or until you can handle all the stress of the things surrounding you a bit better, because I know it's not easy for you. Go for it, just make sure you both realize that it can't happen now, even when you will be high from kissing him like that. You can be pretty flirty too, a lot can be said without saying anything. Hope I helped, let me know! =)


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  • I can't believe you turned the poor guy down. While I'm sorry for your mom, I don't think she would like it if your putting aside your happiness for her. Why not let him in on your life? You need someone too, just as your mother needs you.


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  • I would say go for it, he probably still likes you and will be happy by the surprise. I don't see how it could work unless you like trip or fall haha or he has a new Gf, which I doubt. Haha maybe if you mess up he'll find it cute, go for it.

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