Responding to a flirty/mild sext?

So, I feel really stupid, but if we were in person and he did what he texted me, I'd be fine, but as for responding in a text, I'm clueless.

Him: "And then I'll hold you down and give you a big kiss and kiss the side of your neck" - which he knows drives me insane, even without it being physical

Btw, this is our first time with these type of texts...

I responded and it ended up all good. :)


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  • im not sure what the problem is.

    • I don't know how to respond. :( XD

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  • sounds like he is seeing how you will respond, like with you telling him that you would like that or with you saying what you would do to him. if you don't respond he probably thinks he freaked you out and then he feels stupid I would think

  • haha yea, role playing in texting just feels awkward. In this case I would just respond with something like: lol, Your cute... That's just me, because role playing just isn't that exciting compared to actually acting it out physically.


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