Get a date for homecoming?

so homecomings coming up. for me its nov. 5th. what's the latest that most guys would ask? around this week? thanks


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  • Sometime during the day on November 5th.

    Be prepared.

    Or not since that means you're a last resort.

    Homecomings. I've heard the term. At least in a song played by piano.

    But who exactly is it that's coming home anyhow? Soldiers?

    • Its suposed to be for the school coming "home" or back to school haha..usually the football team has a huge Homecoming game the day before the dance and sometimes that would be the last game of the season and other times its the depends on the school

    • OK maybe it's a bigger concept in the United States than it is here in Canada.

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  • A week before?

    I wouldn't know, girls were the ones who asked me to dances. Why don't you ask someone?

    • i was just shocked today because when me and my friend (who is a junior, I'm a sophmore) walked by a guy spray painting a girls car if she wanted to go to homecoming with him, and she was like awwwwh. but he's a late asker! and I was just surprised. I mean... we still have like 2 weeks?

    • You can still get a date

    • rem the point is that's not what I'm asking... I don't want a date all that badly...

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  • probably a few weeks before. last minute