Why do people not even bother reading texts?

Ok so I met this girl in a class, and I know she has a boyfriend so I can see why maybe she doesn't want to talk to me.

Ive got her on bbm and every 3-4 days she will text me asking how I'm doing, how school is, what schools I'm going to apply to, encouraging me when I tell her I'm stressed etc etc. she's even told me before via text I'm a great person to talk to. After maybe 3-5 texts however, she will just abruptly stop replying. Even after she asks me a question and then I answer it, she will go days without even READING what I had sent her. Then 3-4 days later she will pretty much start all over again ignoring my last text. I tried initiating text with her myself last weekend, but she didn't reply nor did she even read it. And she updates her bbm and pics on bbm every day so she is on her phone.

Ok I'm thinking this girl hates me or doesn't want to talk to me - but WHY initiate any form of conversation with me whatsoever if you don't want to talk to me? She is absolutely gorgeous and love talking to her - I'm so comfortable around her - so this is obviously bothering me. I'm fine if she doesn't like me, but then don't send me texts asking how things are going, right? Or do women just like doing this kind of crap?

Ive tried not responding right away, and tried not trying to make conversation. She STILL initiates text, and STILL just abruptly stops texting in the middle of very brief convos. I do not want to bother her, and don't want to talk to her if she doesn't want to talk to me - but WHY initiate any form of dialogue whatsoever? This whole thing where she doesn't even read messages is still bothering me x_x


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  • She probably is just really busy, I will do that to people on accident, this guy or girl will be texting me and I will hear it ring, but I am busy doing something that I don't get it, then when I go to check it which is a couple hours later cause I forgot, it's too late to respond I just don't reply.

    • but I mean DAYS? and when she texts again she just ignores the last message that was sent :P

    • Hmm that is really weird, you should ask her what's up with that. Though I have had that done to me, I eventually just stopped texting him.

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  • If you read my comment with more concentration, you will find that: I said don't let her stop the conversation. Before she does it, you do it. Just don't send her the messages with a clear BYE, after a couple of messages. I don't why you are not getting.

  • May be she wants just to be a friend. Why not take control in your own hand of these conversations? In whatever case, don't send her more than 2 or 3 messages.

    • And I'm 110% OK with being freinds - I want to be friends, its just a pain when I can't seem to sustain a conversation - she's a really cool person and when she texts me I want to talk to her. When she doesn't, I leave her be. I don't initiate conversation because I'm always the last one to have sent a message that she doesn't even read

    • ok. Next time after a couple of messages, tell her that you gotta ho now. you are busy. Then see what are her reactions? After this, don't send her a single message even if it was a question by her.

  • Do you really want to be "just friends" with a gorgeous girl?

    • Given the fact she has a boyfriend currently, yes

    • Then you're not really fine with it...if you wanted it, you wouldn't have included the first part.

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