Guys: Should girl buy during the date sometimes?

I have been on 5 dates and so far the guy has paid.

Shoul I pay? I haven't even thought about that, but then some girl said that she paid the last time.

Shoul I pay next time for us both?


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  • since its a date.. I say the guy pays..

    but then again who is the one offering to go out on a date?

    also it makes it a lot different if ya get in a relationship, you don't even think twice you just pay..

    • Oh well thank you for picking me!

      touches my

      ahh this is the 1st one..hehe

    • Hah :D You're welcome. :) You just had those two good points, that it makes a difference if you are a couple and that who asked the date to happen. :)

    • The whole thing about guys paying for dates comes from back when guys used to be the only people with jobs and a source of income, so they had to treat the girls when taking them out. But now that's changed, girls can make just as much as guys and its easier for them to get jobs because companies in the US get tax credits for hiring a woman over a man. So why should the man always have to pay when the deck is stacked against him now? Girl should pay sometimes, make it 50/50.

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  • Well, if he's been offering the dates, then he should pay. Maybe next time you could ask him to go do something with you and pay. It wouldn't hurt at least offering to pay when he takes you out though. But still, I'd take him out once and pay yourself, it's not going to hurt you any. =)

  • When me and my girlfriend go out on a date I always pay. I won't let he do it I guess I just think that its my duity to take her out for a nice evening. Now on the other hand if we are just hanging out at like walmart shopping or something and stop buy on the way to the house to grab a bite from a fast food place she sometimes will buy but as for like dinner and a movie I always pay for stuff like that even though she offers I just won't let her.

  • You should always at least offer to pay for your own food and let the guy decide on whether or not he wants to take you up on that, and yes, every now and then offer to pay for him too.

  • Yes

    I think you should pay sometimes

    Just switch it up a little

    Alternate between the two of you paying


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  • yes you should or at least offer to pay, if you want to be an equal!

    • Yeah, well I have said every time that I can pay it. But he is quite determined..

    • Thats ok, as long as you offer and keep offering most times otherwise he might feel he is being taken for granted.

    • If he is determined, then he wants to - find other nice things you can do for him - make dinner, etc... things to show him you appreciate his generosity. I offered and offered with one guy who I was in a long term relationship with until he told me it was embarrassing for him if I paid. So I stopped offering, but made sure I did nice things for him.

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