What's the point of "casual dating?"

What's the point of casual dating? I understand casual sex and hook ups. I understand long term relationships. But, why bother casually dating someone for a few months if you don't see the relationship going anywhere? If you can have the sex without the relationship, why complicate things?


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  • You enjoy the companionship and intimacy aspects, doing things as a couple, and would prefer a monogamous relationship for whatever reason (std risk, etc.)

    • However, the breakup will leave one or both people worse of than before. So why bother?

    • Not necessarily. Temporarily worse perhaps, but in the long run they might be one step closer to finding what they want.

      That said, even relationships that 'go somewhere' don't always last till death. The value of the relationship has to be in what its like being in it, wherever it leads.