2 Great Dates...Now What?

I went on 2 dates with a guy I met online and it seemed like all the good signs are there.

- Kissed on the1st date (he said he usually doesn't, but it's up to me to decide if he was telling the truth)

- He likes to stare at me and smile

- Drove me home after date #2 despite living about 30 miles away from me.

I was bummed that he didn't ask me for date #3 at the end of the previous date. But from what I heard, it's normal. Our date was 2 days ago. Should I wait for him to contact me? How long should I wait to contact him if he doesn't do so?


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  • I say, give him another day... If he doesn't make a move after that, you have to ask about it, because 3 days is a bit too long not to talk to someone you are interested in...

    • You called it; he texted me today :D

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    • Thanks! It sucks I won't be able to see him for a while due to exams and assignments :-\

    • It's fine, just make sure to stay in contact with him a bit more, and it'll happen in no time!

  • Call him. If the conversation goes easy and natural ask him out. If its like pulling teeth say goodby.


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