Guys what's the deal? You guys have a great date than you don't speak to us?

I met my boyfriend the same night I met Rob. I went out on a nice date with Rob first he took me to the Keg and chilled and watched movies and talked together all night. I thought it was all good than I hadn't heard from him in like over a week I'm not one to chase a guy freak I hung out with him all night so I must have been interested. So I went out with my man of whom I'm still with. recently Rob has been contacting me. Like every other day. its all over my facebook that I'm with someone. so today I was straight up with him and was like what took you soo long to get back to me? Like its almost 3 months later, I'm sure you can tell I'm with someone else and he's like I didn't know. So the answer he gave me was its not like I was calling other chicks (how would I know if he was or wasn't?) and that he wasn't feeling like socializing like way to NOT answer the question. I told him I'm with someone and he seemed kinda upset and cut the conversation short. what's up with that you guys have a great date than you don't speak to us and think when your ready sometime later its gonna be some fairy tail or what?


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  • want-but-cant-have syndrome..

    every guy has a girl that he wants, but can't have.. at some point in his life.

    He saw your relationship on facebook and decided to go after you again.

    why he let you go in the first place is beyond me! maybe he had something else going on and didn't catch that you where interested.


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  • no, but you shouldnt date a dude when ur in a relationship is probly what HE thought


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