What is the best way to confess to a guy?

I really like and I think he likes me too.. And he's not the kind of person who would be first to confess.

So I'm thinking of casually asking him "Do you like me?" when we go out for a movie next week...

What do you think? Guys? Girls? I need suggestions.! >.<


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  • Yeah, I think that's kinda cool and cute, I would like to be asked that, especially if I did like her, it would be great to have the pressure taken off me, enjoy,x

    • I like your answer. Thank you :D

    • your welcome, I hope it goes as expected, good luck,x

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  • Is this an official date, are you hanging out as friends, or is it a bigger group? If you're just friends and you want to start dating, you could try asking him something like, "So when are you going to ask me out?"

    • We're hanging out as friends.But just the two of us. That sounds like a good question..I guess I can try that...thank you! :D

  • yeah definitely. especially if I'm really nervous and liked her also. it would be such a relieve for me. its awesome tho if some girls would do that, even tho I try to get past the shyness and initiate myself ya know. but def just do it. makes me think of that movie she's out of my league lol

    • I used to be the shy type too but lately I find that being bold is more rewarding. But old habits always find a way to creep back..thus the question above.!haha

      Thanks for your relieving answer. I'm definitely gonna watch that movie..soon... :)

    • yeah. I mean if you 2 like each other who cares who initiates first ya know, even tho they say guys. anyway, its okay to be shy, but sometimes you just gotta break through it when it comes to feelings or whatnot ya know. just be who you are tho. I respect girls like you, especially for those real shy guys. its only we get shy and intimidating when around beautiful woman that get to us ;P lol

      and you welcome

      good luck

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