What do you think about speeddating ?

Hi , I'm doing a speeddate next week as I'm single and some of my friends had the opinion that doing that stuff is lame and pathetic ( for a 19 year old).

Personally I don't care what they say I do it anyway because I think it's an easy way to meet new people.

So , I'm interested how other people think ; what do you think about speeddating (for a 19 year old)?


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  • You should do what makes sense for you; don't let other people live your life for you. I've tried speed dating a few times; some of the women expressed interest, but they ended up flaking out before we made it to an actual date. The experience is different for everybody, though.

    The main advantage of speed dating is that you get to meet in person immediately and see if there is chemistry. The main disadvantage is that you only get to meet 8-12 women during the event. That may seem like quite a few, but it's really not, especially when you consider how much it costs to attend a speed dating event. Think about how many women you can meet at a party or online; the numbers are much more in your favor using those methods.


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  • I think its probably one of the Last option for many people So you are probably too young Most girls might be in their late 20s or 30s...

    But I think you should do it anyway just to get the experience, Who knows they might hook you Up with An younger sister...

    Good luck and don't care about your friends

    • ah but it's a special speeddate from our faculty (university) so normally it's all people between 18 and 25 :) with older women it would be quite awkward :D ( although , I might be popular LOL )

    • So I don't see why not go, your friends are beign silly...you should totally go and you will met lots of Single girls in one day luck for you :)

  • I think it's fine, it's sort of like online dating right? Do what makes you feel comfortable and if your goal is to find a nice girl maybe who knows, you might find her that way.


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