Doing a lot of travelling for work , how to do about dating someone ?

i started a new job about 2 months ago and travel all over the place , mostly to cities 1-2 hours away from home but also to further away places . I'm finding it really difficult to try and meet anyone single who I could date as I'm never in one place for mor than a couple weeks. I have meet girls but its often very random encounters or girls who work at places I'm buying meals at .

i'm not sure how to go about things or what girl is going to want to date someone who is always travelling and lives a couple hours from her


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  • How about you just ask them what they think of dating a man who is traveling a lot. Right away, on your very first meeting. If they don't mind - great. Problem solved. If they do - move on and not waste time on that one.

    Also try online dating. Look for women who live in places you're going to visit. That way you save some time and already have a bit of a connection with them when you arrive.

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