What would you think of a girl who went out with an ex-con before?

I once went on a date with a guy who had been to prison. It was a blind date & my friend set us up. Needless to say, I'm what you'd call a good girl & I didn’t know about his record beforehand. Would this change your opinion of the girl, knowing that she went out with an ex-con? I still see him because he’s friends with my friend, but it didn’t go beyond that one date.

Would you think less of a girl?

Would you feel bad for her? I met one of his acquaintances & he was like, “WTF was your friend thinking setting you up with him?! I feel so bad for you!” Would you get this reaction too?

He was charged with home invasion with intent to larceny. He spent 3 yrs. in prison & is on probation. His other charge (which happened on a separate occasion) was child abuse. The charges for child abuse were eventually dropped because his baby mama wanted the child support more than she wanted to see him in jail.


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  • it would depend on the crime, but there's always an element of forgiveness in situations where the criminal is trying to reconstruct their lives and make better decisions that I find admirable. I'm a very forgiving person, but I don't know if I would date someone who committed certain crimes. regardless, I wouldn't jump the bat and think less of a girl who did that. I admit I would be curious about why she chose to date him. that fact alone isn't enough to make me think less of anyone. more details are needed. for example, I knew this one girl in high school who dated a guy who went to jail for rape and assault and she actually was trying to make the case to us that the girl deserved it because of all the horrible thing she said to her boyfriend and the way she dressed. she basically made it out like it was no big deal, that she would get over it, and that he shouldn't be going to jail for a girl who had it coming anyway. then she actually said there are murderers who should get punishment her boyfriend received, and that the legal system was blowing minor incidents out of proportion.

    i definitely wanted to knock her out and I did think less of her because of all the things she said and believed.

    • It wasn't as bad as rape. I too would be disapointed in anyone who could believe anyone

      "deserved " that.

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  • It was a blind date and you didn't personally seek this type of man out.

    Not a big deal.

    • Okay but what if I still associate with him? We attend the same college, & we have our mutual friend, so I can't really avoid him :/

    • It wouldn't be a big deal until you became good friends with him.

  • it depends on the situation and what he was in for.

  • I suppose it would depend on what his crime was. You can't change the past; you have to base your assessment of people on who they are now and who they want to become.

    • He's not trying to change. He's been fired from every job he got, he's on drugs & always looks stoned.

    • Yikes... that doesn't sound good. I wouldn't date a girl who would get together with such a person, but one disastrous date is not an issue. We all have our "nightmare date" stories, I'm sure.

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