Should I invite others on our "date"?

I have arranged to meet up with a guy called Cameron in a few days should I invite others to?

My question is, should I invite my other friends to? because I kind of like him and want to spend some time with him and I know if my friends were there they would laugh or something plus none of my friends really know him that well.. I don't know what to do .. could he be annoyed with me if I didn't invite anyone else. He asked did tell me I could invite my other friends to .. ergh I don't know what to do!


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  • there was a girl I asked out once and we went out ahd a good time and got along well, then next time we got together she brought 2 of her friends and that was the last time I asked her out. right or wrong it gave me the impression she just wasn't interested in me so I moved on.


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