How many guys should you date before marriage?

So I have been with this guy for quite some time now. Well over a year and before we started dating we were best friends, so we both know each other very well. In the past month or so we have started to get really serious about us having a future together and I have somewhat been getting freaked out about it because this is my first boyfriend.

I have talked to my boyfriend about this and he told me to do what ever I thought was best for me cause he just wanted to see me happy. Kind of made me not want to leave him even more. He has been the absolute sweetest and I really think I love him, but I want to know how many of you really think that marrying the first guy you date is a reality or if it is more of just a fairy tale ending?


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  • Who cares, you create your own ending, not Hollywood. If this is the person who knows you best and still loves you for everything you are, who makes you happy non-stop, even when you're angry at him, who is the first person you think of when you start your day and the one on your mind when you go to sleep, then there should be no reason you two can't be happy together.

    With all that being said, if you feel like things are getting too serious, especially since he is the first relationship you've become familiar with, then don't go along for the ride just for the sake of saving something that isn't worth it. Ask him to take it easy, to enjoy your time together and when the time comes where you're both comfortable with settling down, then the possibility of marriage can be a mutual understanding.


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