Should I call this girl?

I got to know a girl like 2 months ago. 4 weeks ago, I met her at a party and we made out. nothing special, only for a minute or something. She is hot and I really like her, so I was happy when she texted me a week later saying she got my number from her best friend. Since then we texted much and got along well. 4 days ago, she came over and after talking a while, we started making out. Later we talked on the phone and we both agreed that we should get to know each other, and that we are serious.

A few people (7-8) will hang out at my place today, and she wanted to come to, she wanted to come a few hours earlier, so that we have time for each other without all the other people.

Last night, she was at a house party and at 1 am I got a message from her saying ' You damn a**hole, forget about tomorrow, go party with your bitches.' I called her and her best friend answered the phone, she said that she's in another room and drunk and can't talk with me.

This morning I called her again, asking what's going on, she said that everyone says I'm a player and just want to f*** her. After that a friend of her, said leave her alone and hung up.

The thing is that the guys who were at the party are desperate and maybe jealous of me because I got quite popular.

The truth is that I never betrayed a girl or said things just to get laid. I am very serious about that girl and canceled all contact to other girls so that nothing gets in our way.

i really want to call her and make everything plain. But I fear that her friends answer the call again.

What should I do?


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  • Tell her that you're serious about her. Show her that.. and make her believe it. If she is going to believe other people, it's her lost.


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  • seriously? if she going to believe what people say before even being together, then it sounds like a very long/short annoying relationship in the future. But if you really like her the try to call or meet her to explain what happened.

    • thats what I did, it's just not working if she believes what other people say instead of trusting me. thanks

  • Call her when you know she'd be alone, or ask her to meet you somewhere, if she won't meet you I'd go somewhere you know she'll be, work, home, something. Then tell her what you're actually like.


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